Client LightStim


A brand that pushes the boundaries of the commercial possibilities of LED light, LightStim is the world leader in professional LED lights for the beauty and health sector (from spas to hospitals). LightStim entered the market with a range of handheld at-home devices which uses the brand’s unique and patented MultiWave Technology to help combat a range of issues, from ageing skin and acne to pain management. It was our role to support the launch of LightStim for Wrinkles and LightStim for Pain in the UK and help build awareness for the products as well as for the positive effects of LED light. We organised a very successful media tour for the founders so that they could explain the complex technology face-to-face to leading beauty editors from publications such as Notebook (Sunday Mirror), Marie Claire, Woman & Home and Prima magazine. Our hard work has resulted in a constant stream of online and off-line coverage for the brand.

CLIENT  :  LightStim
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