SVPR is a boutique London based PR & Marketing Agency specialising in health, beauty and fitness.

We want to help you to step out into the spotlight and find your voice and help grow your business.



We keep our overheads low so we can offer a fantastic service and dedicate lots of time to all our clients, big and small. As we aim to help you make your brand into a success, we are committed to go the extra mile to get you there.


Everything sends a message, from how your product and website look to how you connect with your customers and with the press.

Our team offers a wide expertise ranging from the visual styling and tone of voice, to classic PR services and SEO.


We follow the industry closely and keep in touch with all the key journalists and bloggers. In addition, we always keep an eye out for other opportunities to get your brand noticed, from entering awards to targeting profile features.

SME experience

Having worked with start-ups and small to medium size businesses since 2008, we understand the challenges your business face. Coming up with marketing ideas on a limited budget, using limited resources to cover all the work load… it’s not easy, but we are here to help you with practical advice and ideas.

London based

SVPR is based in London, close to all the key health, beauty and fitness media. This enables us to deliver the best possible service and arrange meetings with journalists as well as organise successful media events.

“Modesty may be considered a virtue but it won’t get you noticed. After all, you need to let the world know how great your brand is and why it is different from its competitors in the market place. You can’t do that by hiding in the shadows. Instead, we will help you to step out into the spotlight and find your voice.

A brand is more than the sum of its components. We understand that to help a business grow, all aspects of the brand need to connect for maximum impact. To do so, we offer social media management, branding and SEO services for an aligned strategy that packs a punch.”


With more than a decade of experience working in PR, Sarah knows how to make your brand stand out from the crowd and generate press coverage that will boost brand awareness as well as sales. The market place is crowded and being complacent is just not an option in the current economic climate.

SVPR was set up in 2008 because Sarah wanted to provide a PR service to brands that is ethical, transparent and effective as well as affordable. It is important to be able to trust your PR advisors, knowing that they will give you honest, constructive advice that will deliver the best possible results for your brand.

The recommendations from many of our clients are proof that we deliver on our promises. We don’t disappoint, because we care about your business and your growth. We believe the key to a long, successful partnership is delivering results, which is why many of our clients stay with us for years.