Darryl Edwards Paleo Fitness Expert & Nutritionist

Darryl Edwards is the UK’s leading expert in Paleo Fitness and Paleo Nutrition, which is based on the premise that we should eat and move the way our hunter-gatherer ancestors did in the Stone Age to become leaner, stronger and healthier. He gave up his job in IT after experiencing the fantastic results the Paleo lifestyle had on his overall health. Darryl re-trained as a Personal Trainer and Paleo clinical nutritionist with a focus on natural movement and food for health. We helped Darryl to gain exposure in the national press, from The Daily Mirror to Women’s Fitness. He mentions in his client testimonial how he felt that our work has been instrumental in the growth of his brand. Darryl now teaches workshops all over the world, including at Harvard in the US.

CLIENT  :  Darryl Edwards Paleo Fitness Expert & Nutritionist
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